About Us

  • We design, organize, deliver and maintain industrial series-testing systems, diagnostic tools and programming software
  • We integrate the aforementioned systems into global information structures as well as existing processes from our clients
  • We deliver diagnostic tools to our customers and offer repair and maintenance service for our products.
  • We follow the needs of our clients and deliver tailor-made solutions in both software and hardware.

Our Mission

  • Highest Quality and Dependability
  • Client- and cost-oriented solutions
  • Flexible planning, pragmatic and rigorous implementation
  • Innovator in planning and execution of custom-made solutions to supplement and incorporate into existing corporate structures and processes perfectly. Our task is to understand the needs of our clients while analyzing their working structures.
  • Through the integration and adaptation of our system solutions we re-configure company procedures in order to make them substantially more efficient.

Our Specialization

  • Implementation of robust and easy to use inspection systems for quality assurance of the serial production.
  • Design and production of proven diagnostic and programming tools for service and maintenance.
  • Implementation of various protocols and physical interfaces, which serve as communication between automotive electronics and the testing bay. Treatment, processing and transference of measuring and test information for a full Production Data Acquisition (PDA) of existing processes.